Three reasons to choose webmail over desktop email

Why choose Webmail ?

Webmail is a service provided by companies or ISPs that enables a user to access email through a Web browser. User has to enter username and password. Webmail is popular as it allows user to send or receive e-mail from anywhere; so long as the computer is connected to the Internet and has a Web browser. It is an excellent option for those traveling or working outside the office. Yahoo and Gmail are some of the examples of webmail. Webmail for business allows the users to access their emails on their own domain and admin interface to control & manage their company email on the cloud. This is a better solution compared to email access through an email client like Microsoft Outlook.

1. Email Management

Businesses can manage their emails professionally through admin interface easily : Add/Delete users, Change password, Apply restrictions to incoming & outgoing mails & attachments by size or type, Create & manage mailing list /groups, White List domains, Manage visibility of shared Global address book and Block a specific Sender.

2. Access anywhere from any device

Unlike a desktop client email client, emails can be accessed from anywhere without ever worrying about syncing anything. A good webmail will allow complete sync & Seamless access of email, calendar & contacts across devices & applications. You can also get a downloadable Mobile app that works on most phones and tablets.

3.Simplicity of usage

Web mails need no installation. Just a web browser is to be opened and login is needed to account. There is no need of much technical knowledge for using the services or administering them because service provider takes care of software updating However desktop email clients require installation, configuring, are tied to OS such as Linux/Windows/Mac.

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